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Note: There are 2 editions of The Sibs Gang paperback books on Amazon, one with illustrations in color (the Deluxe Edition), the other in black and white. See instructions on The Sibs Gang Amazon page for instructions on how to purchase. The price difference is due to the cost of color printing. Use the “Look inside” feature to see the color illustrations.

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5.0 out of 5 Stars

November 11, 2020 - Published on

A great story for youg readers.

I really enjoyed this book. My kids are older now, but I can envision reading this to them when they were small and see their imaginations lighting up. The magical aspects and wonder within the story make for great opportunities to havefantastic conversations with your kids. The story is light but filled with love and fun characters. And to have it take place during the pandemic, which is so current and difficult to talk to your kids about, is another fantastic bonus. I definitely recommend this sweet and lovely story for anyone that wants to spark their child's imagination and conversation. Thanks Jo-Ann!

In the darkest days of the global scourge, Gus is missing! And so, The Sibs Gang embark on a mystical adventure to find their little brother. Their quest to find him brings us on a journey through a mysterious underground labyrinth to discover an ancient secret. Be by their side as you travel into the depths of the planet where destiny awaits. Peculiar incidents through-

out the journey pull the sibs together as a family and as friends. Through the adventure they discover everyone is different in some way, and that is their strength. Through facing hardships and victories the book celebrates individuality, and encourages self-confidence, as the sibs overcome challenges with help from Earth Mother, herself. Join The Sibs Gang in this fast paced tale of mystery, magic and adventure.